1. Upon arrival at the arrival terminal, follow the “arrival” instructions to the Bali Airport Transfer & Transit counter to carry out self-reporting and inspection of flight documents according to your airline.
  2. Transit and transfer passengers do not need to leave to take care of customs (Custom, Imigration & Quarantine)
  3. After the security check, you can go directly to the departure lounge on the 3rd (third) floor by using an elevator to wait for boarding time

When visiting the famous Dewata Island which is famous for Bali, you can find various things to do. You will see that there are many temples in this city when you travel.

Shuttle Service at Ngurah Rai International Airport

Follow everything the region has to offer by exiting the airport quickly, one of the fastest ways through a series of reliable shuttle services. Choose between local sedans and shuttle companies to make the day run smoothly once you land, whether you want to work in the heart of the city center or just want to avoid the hassle of deciphering local road signs.

No matter where your hotel or resort is resting, know how to have fun knowing what is in the nearest area. Those heading to the east side of Denpasar must look forward to the beautiful beaches of Sanur Beach to get a chance to see the remote island of Nusa Penida, while travelers from the north must get lost in exotic creatures, vibrant birds and live performances in Bali. Zoo and adjacent Bali Bird Park.

If there is one thing you do not want to forget, that is the shuttle information that you will provide immediately after you place your order. Record the pickup location, time, and name of the company by writing it down and storing it in a safe place, or print a confirmation email as soon as it is received. If you find yourself missing when you arrive, or seem late because of your flight, try to contact your service provider either through the local public telephone or through the information desk located in the Arrival Hall in both terminals.